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Pawfect Cavachons & Co are truly amazing. If you are looking for a breeder who, raises in their home, extensively health tests and works hard to raise  happy confident puppies. Look no further you get the full package and a lovely friendship.

Lisa, The more the merrier!

I am so Happy I found Pawfect Cavachons & Co!. I bought my first dog from an unreliable source and had lots of  problems with him as a puppy. I new i wanted to add another dog to our family and looked for the BEST!  I found Pawfect Cavachons & Co and new instantly she was the right breeder for me.  I now own 3 Pawfect Dogs bred by her . They all have confident, friendly natures as well as being super healthy! I would love to add more Pawfects to my pack! 

Lynn, Fur Mum of 2 

I contacted Pawfect Cavachons & Co and joined her waiting list. I had to complete a questionnaire and  we got to know each other.  I did have a little wait for a puppy as all her litters are carefully planned. But good things come to those who wait.  My dog is beyond amazing. He has the softest, fluffiest coat and typical big bold cavachon eyes. He  is a friendly chap and loves my lap!  The following year I completed my family by adding another Pawfect! She is super sweet and happy.  I would 100% reccommend Pawfect Cavachons & Co

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