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  • Do you have available puppies ?
    No, I always operate a waiting list and get to know potential families before a puppy is offered.
  • How do I join a waiting list?
    Please contact me using the contact form or email provided. Please include breed and lots of information about yourself, family, work etc
  • Where are you located?
    I am in the Midlands. For the safety of our dogs and property, we don't publicise our address as dogs and puppies are valuable and dog theft is a big target.
  • Do you ship puppies?
    No, I do not ship puppies.
  • What breeds do you offer?
    I produce F1 Hybrids. Such as Cavachons, Cavapoos, Cavapoochons. We some times have the occasional litter of Kennel Club Cavaliers.
  • Does your waiting list go in order of contact?
    No, my waiting list is a list of people that have shown interest in our litters, when the time comes to allocate puppies, we go through the list and decide intially who we think may be suitable. Most people we will have spoken to already and built strong relationships.
  • If we join your waiting list are we guaranteed a puppy?
    I offer no guarantees of a puppy. I like to meet you before a puppy is offered.I also can not guarantee a successful pregnancy, birth or numbers in a litter.
  • Do you have a contact number?
    I do not advertise my phone number on my website. In the past I have, I have received a high volume of calls, many in unsocialable hours. It does't work for me. I have a family and I do not like to be distracted from them. I can answer emails in my own leisure. When I am not busy with my family and my dogs.
  • Can we visit you and your dogs before you have a litter available?
    In short, No. As a home breeder, I am unable to accept visitors speculatively, for the health, safety and well being of my dogs, puppies and families. We only accept visits when we have an appropraite puppy for you. I don't have kennels, my set up for raising puppies is based in our family room. We are very lucky to receive lots of enquiries but it is just not practical to have regular visitors.
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